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How to buy > Cloth Pad > Wetbags

  • Single Zip Wetbag: Additional snap pocket for clean storage
  • Double Zip Wetbag: Lined with 2 different color waterproof  fabric for easy identification (to separate clean and soiled pads)
  • Zip area measurement approximately 8″x5″ (store up to 4 snap up cloth pads)
  • Outer layer is thick quality cotton
  • Inner lined with colorful water barrier layer (we use alternative to PUL to keep our price affordable)
  • The two layers are sewn separately to prevent wicking
  • Can be used to store cosmetic, wet nursing pads, and even wet wipes
  • Comes with a wrist holder for easy hand holding in the toilet
  • Perfect gift for any cloth pad mama
  • Most importantly, they are machine washable!
Petite Wetbag (Single Zip)-
Petite Wetbag (Single Zip)
RM22.00 - RM28.00
Petite Wetbag (Double Zip)-
Petite Wetbag (Double Zip)
Cloth Diaper Wetbag
RM45.00 - RM65.00
Out of Stock
Bliss Promo Pack-Cloth Pad, Flannel Pad, Menstrual Cloth Pad,
Bliss Promo Pack
RM110.00 - RM116.00
RM99.00 - RM105.00
Lady Cup-
Lady Cup
Spring Promo Pack-
Spring Promo Pack
RM110.00 - RM116.00
RM99.00 - RM105.00

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