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Ring Sling: Enchanted

How To Buy > Ring Sling > Ring Sling: Enchanted


Features of Mama Patch Enchanted Linen Ring Sling

  • Fabric: Soft Single Layer Linen Blend or 100% Cotton
  • Rings: US imported L Large Aluminium rings (non slip, very easy to adjust)
  • Design: Hidden Zip Pocket with Floral Stripes
  • Length and Width: Approximately 78″ x 26″ for standard size, L (If you prefer other length, please refer to sizing guide)
  • Can be used up to toddler age
  • Lightly padded shoulder for extra comfy

* Linen Blend Fabric

Handcrafted from soften linen blend, Mama Patch Linen blend ring sling is medium weight, breathable, cool and perfect for all weather. Naturally antibacterial, linen Ring Sling is very easy to care for. Not only they will just get softer, but also stronger over the time. Weight recommended up to 14 kg or or as long as your baby’s weight is still comfortable on your shoulder.

* 100% Cotton

Mama Patch Cotton Ring Sling is light weight, cool and very easy to use for daily use. It feels cool to wear at home, even just under fan. Perfect for our hot and humid weather. Our cotton Ring Sling is very easy to care for. Just handwash lightly (and separately in case dark color runs). Weight recommended up to 12 kg or or as long as your baby’s weight is still comfortable on your shoulder.

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