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Raw Silk (Light & Cool)

How to buy > Ring Sling > Raw Silk (Light & Cool)

Features of Mama Patch Raw Silk Ring Sling

  • Fabric:  Single Layer Italian Blended Raw Silk (cotton mix, lightweight but sturdy fabric)
  • Design: Short tail sling with a chic V-shape pointed tail
  • Rings: US imported M size Aluminium rings (non slip, very easy to adjust)
  • Design: 2 matching tone fabric with beautiful border embroidery
  • Length and Width: Approximately 78″ x 28″ (refer to our sizing guide)

* Very cottony and cooling. Great for newbies as this fabric is very easy to thread.

* Best for newborn or daily use at home. This cottony silk fabric looks great when match with outfit for special functions.

* Weight limit is 10kg or as long as our baby’s weight is comfortable on your shoulder.

RM175.00 RM122.50
RM175.00 RM122.50
Out of Stock
Earth Rose-
Earth Rose
RM175.00 RM122.50
RM175.00 RM122.50
Pink Shantong Silk-
Pink Shantong Silk
RM175.00 RM122.50

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