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Natural Cotton Flannel

How to buy > Cloth Pad > Natural Cotton Flannel

Features of Flannel Cloth Pads

  • Top layer is made of soft cotton flannel
  • Colorful *Water-resistant laminated bottom layer, need to change to prevent leakage
  • Inner core – Layers of flannel and heavy fleece (for regular and night pads)
  • Pros - very cooling as cotton is natural fabric
  • Cons - prewash is required dark color may runs,fabric may looks worn after washing

Washing Instruction

  1. First, rinse and squeeze off blood with running tap cold water
  2. Apply handsoap (May or Lux soap is best!) on stubborn stain and rinse
  3. Fold, snap up and store in wetbag (if you are away from home)
  4. Toss into your washing machine during laundry
  5. Line dry recommended as sun is the best natural bleach disinfectant to our clothing.

1. Use only cold water as hot water sets blood stain on pad
2. No softener / shower gel with mosturizer to prevent built up on surface
3. Hand wash for longer lasting pad
4. Change frequently / wear a darker color pad on your lighter days as dry stain is difficult to remove.

**For beginner, we suggest starting off with our Premium Range for easier stain management

Flannel Soaker Set-
Flannel Soaker Set
RM43.00 RM40.00
Flannel Panty Liner Set-
Flannel Panty Liner Set
RM45.00 - RM49.00
Flannel Regular 9"-
Flannel Regular 9"
Flannel Night 11" or 13"-
Flannel Night 11" or 13"
RM28.00 - RM30.00
Petite Wetbag (Single Zip)-
Petite Wetbag (Single Zip)
RM22.00 - RM28.00
Petite Wetbag (Double Zip)-
Petite Wetbag (Double Zip)
Bliss Promo Pack-Cloth Pad, Flannel Pad, Menstrual Cloth Pad,
Bliss Promo Pack
RM110.00 - RM116.00
RM99.00 - RM105.00
Flannel Regular Pack-Flannel Cloth Pad, cloth pad, day pad, washable pad
Flannel Regular Pack
RM100.00 RM91.00
Spring Promo Pack-
Spring Promo Pack
RM110.00 - RM116.00
RM99.00 - RM105.00

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