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Menstrual Cup

How To Buy > Cloth Pad > Menstrual Cup

The material used to make Lady Cup is a Liquid Silicone Rubber from a German company. LadyCup® has been awarded the "Certificate of Compliance with USB Biological Tests, Classification VI" (Bioservice – Scientific Laboratories) ensuring the highest quality when making these products.
Compared to other menstrual cups, LadyCup® has a different design. One of their differences is that there are no marks, inscriptions or symbols on its inner and outer surface. Therefore cleaning maintenance is very easy. The shape and surface of the bottom part and of the stem is adapted for easier removal/insertion thanks to its raised bumps. The thickness of the silicone material used is adapted to provide maximum flexibility, thus ensuring the best possible feeling during use. Low pressure openings are designed so as to prevent possible running through.
The Ladycup comes in 2 sizes. The size differential is greater than between the A and B Mooncup, so please choose carefully :
    Diameter Vol.

Not given birth &

Below 25 years old

40mm 15.5ml

Given Birth or

Above 25 years old

46mm 26ml

The medical grade silicone used is softer than other menstrual cups and their silicone. This means it's easier to insert, but may take extra practice to get it to 'open up' once inserted. But once you get a hang of it you may never switch.

For more information on your LadyCup please visit their information page here.

Lady Cup-
Lady Cup
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