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Nefful Detergent (120cc)

How to buy > Nefful Detergent (120cc)

Nefful Detergent (120cc)-


Weak Alkaline


Washing clothes (cotton, linen, rayon (manmade silk), synthetic material, ect.)


Polyoxyethylen alkyl ether, Potassium soap, Exleyme

Five Advantages of Nefful Detergent

  1. This highly concentrated detergent gets clothes clean with just a amount.
  2. Powerful proteinic enzymes leave clothes fresh and clean.
  3. Breaks down dirt and grime, leaving your clothes spotless and free from any chemical residue. Environmentally safe.
  4. No nitrogen and fluorescent material. Do no harm to the ecosystem of lake.

Amount per cloth pad :

  1. Remove stain on cloth pad surface under running water
  2. Apply detergent directly onto any stained areas. Rub and then wash clean
  3. Rinse twice with water.

Points to note :

  • Keep well away from the reach of children.
  • Clean your hands with water after use.
  • Wear gloves if your hands is infected with dermatosis.
  • If detergent is accidentally swallowed, drink large amount of water and seek immediate medical attention or a physician.
  • Upon contact with eyes, flush eyes thoroughly with cold water and seek immediate medical attention.


Keep under a cool area away from direct sunlight.

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