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About Cloth Pad

Why Switch To Cloth Pad?

Hate your monthly menses?

Gross with the bad odor coming from yourself (it’s the chemical from your pad).

Feels itchy and uncomfortable having the plastic in your panty?

Why not try out cloth pads? Made of 100% cloth, cloth pads has very high absorbency, totally breathable and comfortable too!

Say bye-bye to discomfort, itch, irritation and rashes!

Modern vs. Conventional Cloth Pads

Unlike those pads in our mum and grandma’s era, modern designed cloth pads today are far more comfortable.

  • Convenient to use
  • Water-resistant or water-proof lined, it’s safe to use during outing
  • Can be folded small,fits in your handbag/wetbag during outing.

Why Use Cloth Pads?

  • Healthier blood flow with no absorbing chemical inside
  • Body and environmental friendly
  • Comfortable and totally breathable, less odor
  • No plastic or adhesive that cause irritation
  • Less likely to cause irritation, rash or yeast infection
  • Very economical in long run

** Even many women reported less discharge after switching to cloth pad


  • Contour stitched and body fit design for better absorbency and prevent leakage
  • Multiple sizing available for different day usage
  • Separate additional soakers available for extra absorbency.
  • Soft label tag sewn at the back to hook your clean pad during changing
  • Easy to wash
  • Cute affordable and washable wetbags. Choice of either with snap front pocket  or double zip to seperate your clean pads from the soiled.
  • Great for outing use!


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