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About Cloth Pad

FAQ on Cloth Pads (English)

1 How many hours can a cloth pad last?

One Mama Patch Regular Flannel Pad can last between 3-5 hours, on heavy days.

However it depends on individual’s menses flow. Change them more frequent if you need to to prevent leakage.

2 How many cloth pads do I need in a day?

We estimate around 5-6 on a heavy day. However each person has different flow.

We advise you to try at home first for the first time so that you can estimate how many hours one piece can last for yourself.

3 Does it smells?

Unlike disposable laden with harmful chemical and gel that release chemical fumes when wet, cloth pad is fully made of breathable cloth. You will be surprise to learn that your blood actually does not smell at all!

4 Do cloth pads leak?

All our Flannel Cotton Cloth Pad (Regular and Night) comes with a “breathable” water barrier layer at the bottom of the pad to prevent leakage. Although water resistant, blood still seep through if you do not change for long hours especially during heavy days.

We also have Premium Cloth Pads with PUL bottom, which is totally waterproof.

A best choice if you are frequently on the go.

5 Are cloth pads bulky?

On contrary, cloth pad is ultra slim as it only contains cloth. Unlike disposable with chemical and gel, cloth feels much more comfortable to skin as compare to sticky soiled disposable.

6 Aren’t our menses blood dirty?

Our blood is sterile and is not dirty inherently. Blood is easily washed out of cloth.

However disposable plastic pads are actually unhealthier because they create a hotter environment (by trapping air and not allowing air flow) which promotes fastergrowth of bacteria which leads to itch, rashes and thrush.


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