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Soft Pack Carrier (G1)


Littlepods G1

  • Lovingly made in Malaysia
  • The Littlepods Softpack Carrier is designed for use with babies and facing inwards.
  • This is a well-seated, anatomically correct position with knees positioned higher than bottom.
  • We do not recommend you to use with babies facing out as it will not be comfortable for your baby


  • Body made from 100% imported cotton with designer fabrics
  • Wide padded shoulder straps to reduce strain
  • High-quality durable buckles imported from the U.S.
  • Leg padding for baby's comfort
  • Wide base supports baby in a proper ergonomic position
  • 15 kg weight limit
  • One Size for All
  • Comes with a matching pouch

Improved version (Littlepods G1)

  • Improved strap angles to fit baby better
  • Thicker padding on shoulder strap for better weight distribution
  • Wider thigh padding to reduce pressure on baby's thighs while sitting in it
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