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Nefful Teviron Cloth (Anion)

*Features are exactly the same as premium fleece/suede pads PLUS a top layer of Teviron Cloth

What is Teviron?

If you have known or read about the Teviron clothing product from Nefful, you will know its beneficial it is to our health. By wearing Teviron, great amount of negative ion (also known as Anion) is produce each time the Teviron fabric rubs against our body. 4 main benefits of wearing Teviron garment are:

  • Purifies the blood system , stimulating blood circulation
  • Increases cell metabolism , causing an increase in cell activity, promote self healing
  • Enhances the body's immune system so you won't get sick or catch cold easily
  • Regulates autonomic nerves , enhance your health so you are always in optimal health.

Teviron clothing is very common among those who have serious health problem like cancer, as the negative ion (also known as Anion) can regulate and renew our body cell. Of course, Teviron product (fully imported from Japan) is incredibly pricey too. I personally tried the clothing on my children, and is amazed to see how Teviron helps to improve my kids sinus problem immediately.

Benefits of Teviron Cloth Pad

  • regulate body functions for instant antibacterial capabilities
  • prevent bacterial multiplication,
  • eliminates odor
  • promotes comfort during menstrual period
  • Layered with waterproof PUL (except Teviron Panty Liner)
  • Best for heavy day use

Washing Instruction

  1. First, rinse and squeeze off blood with running tap cold water
  2. Apply handsoap (May or Lux soap is best!) on stubborn stain and rinse
  3. Fold, snap up and store in wetbag (if you are away from home)
  4. Toss into your washing machine during laundry
  5. Line dry recommended as sun is the best natural bleach disinfectant to our clothing.

1. Use only cold water as hot water sets blood stain on pad
2. No softener / shower gel with mosturizer to prevent built up on surface
3. Hand wash for longer lasting pad
4. Change frequently / wear a darker color pad on your lighter days as dry stain is difficult to remove.


For great cleaning result and to restore the Negative Ion on your Teviron Pads, we recommend the use of Nefful Detergent (made of weak Alkaline)

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