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About Ring Sling

    • How to Choose The Right Sizing

    • Which Ring Sling Material Should I Choose

    • How to Thread Mama Patch Ring Sling

    • How to Position Your Baby Into Ring Sling

    How to Choose The Right Sizing top

    All Mama Patch Ring Sling comes in a standard sizing of L size (approximately 75 inch/190cm) and it suits up to large size women of average 165cm in height where the tail end slightly above the knee (just perfect length, not too short for cradle carry, and not too long which could post hazard by having getting fabric stuck in somewhere)

    However if you are petite, or a taller person, then our Ring Sling may be a little bit too long or too short for your liking. If you wish to have your ring sling custom made with the length of the tail falling just nice (somewhere below your waist and above your knee), then you might need to refer to the below chart for the right sizing when you order with us.

    Sizing of Ring Sling based on fabric length measure from rings to end tail as follow:

    • S – 170cm / 67″
    • M-180cm / 71″
    • L-190cm / 75″
    • XL-200cm / 79″

    Do remember to take a size up if:

    • you are sharing with your spouse who is relatively larger build in body size
    • you need more fabric to do cradle carry /breastfeeding
    • you need to wrap shed your baby from air con blast/direct sun ray
    • you prefer a longer tail (but not too long as it could post hazard especially going up on escalator)

    Which Ring Sling Material Should I Choose top

    What's your baby's weight?

    • A-Newborn to 10kg
    • B-Baby or Toddler (>10kg)

    How frequent do you plan to use your sling?

    • AB-Every second! My baby is stuck to me!
    • A-Once in a while when my baby is cranky
    • B-Occasionally, shopping on weekends and holidays
    • A-Only for attending special /grand occasions

    How long do you plan to carry your baby in the sling?

    • A-Most of the time at home (for SAHM/SAHF)
    • B-For short outing (less than 1hour)
    • B-For long outing (more than 1hour)

    Usually where do you plan to use the sling?

    • AB-Everywhere, my baby is stuck to me at home/shopping malls
    • A-Home with only fan
    • B-At air-conditioned shopping malls only
    • B-To do grocery, walking under the sun

    Is this your first time babywearing?

    • A-Yes.
    • A-Nope, but I still cannot wear it easily
    • B-Nope, But I am a quick learner
    • B-Am expert wearing my baby but with other brand carriers

    The Verdict:

    If you answer mostly As, go for Mama Patch Silk Ring Sling

    If you answer mostly Bs, go for Mama Patch Cotton/Linen Ring Sling

    Q: If I only want to buy ONE ring sling that has the most cooling material, that could last from newborn up to toddler years, and wear it for long hours, which Ring Sling should I go for?

    A: We strongly suggest the Linen Pure Lux Series

    How to Thread Mama Patch Ring Sling top

    How to Position Your Baby Into Ring Sling top

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