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Passion Premium Discount Pack
Passion Premium Discount Pack

Features of Premium Cloth Pad

  • Plush, stay-dry, squishy-soft imported material next to skin
  • Waterproof  Polyurethane laminate (PUL) bottom layer with designer prints from US (except Cottony Panty Liner)
  • Inner core – layers of very absorbing microfiber/zorb
  • Sewn by stay-at-home mums while looking after their lil ones
  • Best for heavy days, and also post partum period

Washing Instruction

  1. First, rinse and squeeze off blood with running tap cold water
  2. Apply handsoap (May or Lux soap is best!) on stubborn stain and rinse
  3. Fold, snap up and store in wetbag (if you are away from home)
  4. Toss into your washing machine during laundry
  5. Line dry recommended as sun is the best natural bleach disinfectant to our clothing.

1. Use only cold water as hot water sets blood stain on pad
2. No softener / shower gel with mosturizer to prevent built up on surface
3. Hand wash for longer lasting pad
4. Change frequently / wear a darker color pad on your lighter days as dry stain is difficult to remove.


**Sexy Red is out of stock. We will replace either with Night (Blue/Neon/Butter/Pink/Off White).

Otherwise just tell us what color you would like to replace your Night Pad in the Comment Box during order check out :)

Set A(2x 8”Liners, 2x 9”Reg, 1x 11”Night) (Was RM117.00) Now RM99.00 (out of stock)
Set B(3x Night 13”) (Was RM117.00) Now RM99.00 (9 in stock)
Set C(2x 8”Liners, 2x 9”Reg, 1x 13”Night) (Was RM128.00) Now RM110.00 (8 in stock)


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